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About Us

In 2018, I began working on 2 huge problems that we have here in Texas. The old style of mineral/protein blocks were so hard and dense that it made it  tough for the deer to feed on and in my opinion deterred them from feeding on the blocks. The other problem WILD HOGS... See we spend good money on these brand named protein blocks and then we put them out just to have the wild hogs push the blocks around and devour them  overnight. I designed a block where the deer can feed and graze on without having a super hard dense block and I designed a feeding system that lifts the block and keeps it away from the wild hogs. Literally "Out of Snout, Out of Mind".


So after months of field trials and tinkering I came up with the Hog Blocker Feeding System. I then began the patent process by filing for a provisional patent on the blocks and the mounts. I then  started a small production line of the blocks while pursuing the production of the mount in higher volumes while starting MAKR LLC. I am committed to customer satisfaction and service and producing a high quality product.


We believe that the customer always comes first and that means exceptional products and exceptional services. Get in touch today to learn more about what we have to offer for your deer herd and feeding routine.

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